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Hey guys! So if you haven’t read the About page yet, I’m participating in a study abroad program and going to Grenoble, France in January 2016! I’ll be there for 5-6 months, and to prepare for my time abroad I’m making up a list of things I’ll need.

My main focus is portability. I’ll be traveling as much as I can while still succeeding in school, so I need items that can handle a lot of extensive use while still being able to take it everywhere I go. Below is the first draft of the things I’m going to take/pack/need.

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Apple Macbook 12″ I chose this laptop for a few reasons. 1) We’re already an Apple household. Since the majority of our devices are Apple brand, the synchronization of information, apps, files, etc. is made much easier. 2) This is the most portable “full-use” device on the market. Between size and weight, this thing is a feather in comparison to anything other, perfect for train and plane rides across Europe. 3) It looks awesome.

World Travel Adapter Kit– I chose to invest in this kit in addition to the adapter below, because it’ll be more than likely that I’ll need to have multiple devices plugged in- whether a camera, phone, laptop, etc. And this is designed to fit directly with Apple products, accounting for compatibility and wattage/voltage.

Sony RX100M This is one of the most compact digital cameras out there that has a host of great features- 20.9 megapixels, can record in 4K with a 3 inch display and an articulating screen (yay selfies!) and a Carl Zeiss lens.

PNY 256 gb SD Card Gotta have enough storage for all those pictures right??

Davek Mini UmbrellaDavek, easily one of the strongest and highest quality brands. I chose their compact umbrella because I need something small, but sturdy enough to withstand any type of inclement weather. And they come in so many colors (and sizes)!!

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack I bought this a while ago, and have only had the chance to use it a couple of times. Its the perfect balance between style and functionality, and can hold enough for a day trip.

Hunter Tour Packable Rain Boot Rain boots are necessary, but too often incredibly clunky and can take up a lot of valuable space in your luggage. With these, they can fold/roll, so you’re able to take them along without sacrificing a huge amount of space.

Kindle Paperwhite For me, this is also a must. When it comes to killing time on a plane or train, I don’t want to be staring into a LED screen and frying my eyeballs. The Kindle is great because the screen lets me read for hours on end and not suffer because of it. Not pictured, the case I’ll also be getting for it.

Longchamp La Planètes Tote This tote I already have, and I love it. When I got it, I chose the Planètes over the Pliage because it seemed classier. Unfortunately, it’s not sold anymore, so I’m glad I got it while I could! I’m bringing multiple bags so that I can be covered for every situation, whether a day trip, the walk to class, or a weekend jaunt.

Marshall Monitor Headphones Another item I already have, and I’m glad I do. Not only does it make studying and traveling bearable but it’s also less expensive than the popular Beats headphones, and in my opinion produces a better sound. The material is heavy duty- a metal frame, and metal casings over the ends of the cords to protect them. A great investment for sure.

The North Face Wavelength Backpack This seems like the perfect backpack for traveling, as it even has a specific pocket for travel documents like a boarding pass or a passport and another for digital devices. Not only does this have a dedicated laptop sleeve but also a tablet pocket, and enough room inside to hold a change of clothes in an emergency.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus This is personal preference, and convenient as I’ll be getting my husband’s 6 Plus in September. Really, you want to make sure that the phone you bring over can be used on the cellular network over there (GSM). For this phone, all one needs to do is insert a compatible SIM card, like the card I list below, and you’ll usually have your own phone number that people can contact you at.

Victorinox Avolve 2.0 27″– We got the Avolve 2.0 set from a combination of Macy’s and Amazon, and we couldn’t be happier. From the smallest to the largest size, the pieces are good quality, and the grey color (which we got) makes it easy to spot in baggage claim. I intend on taking the 27″ and checking it and using a carryon as well, probably the 20″, for my travels once I’m all moved in.

Monopoly Travel Bags I originally liked the Flight 001 brand, however I’m big on sets, and these just are so spread out and the colors aren’t so pretty. So when I found the Monopoly Travel brand of bags I decided to get enough of those so I could best organize my things when traveling.

Telestial SIM Card This is the SIM card I will be using when I’m abroad. It’s great because it will be shipped to my house before I leave so I can make sure that it works as I need it to. Telestial is known as one of the more dependable brands, and it offers plans that are affordable. While I’m overseas, I plan on suspending my cell service for my line and lowering the data package we have to save money.

Sigma Beauty Bunny Travel Kit I have a TON of Sigma brushes already. They’re the best I’ve found so far and I love it. Now, if it weren’t completely impractical to bring my whole set then I would, however space-saving is the name of the game and these are perfect.

Orei M8 Plus Travel Adapter Again, this is a must. In addition to the Apple travel adapter kit above, I want to make sure that no matter where I am, I can remain “plugged in”. This one has over 2,400 reviews with an average score of 4.6, and that’s a thumbs up in my book.

So there you have it! This is just the beginning of preparing for my trip, and I’d love to know what you all would recommend!


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