Lille, France

We left Paris on Saturday evening and arrived in Lille shortly after, where we rented a very cute AirBnB. After being on the go in Paris, it was so great to be able to relax and enjoy the smaller city of Lille.

Day One

In fact, we stayed in the apartment most of the morning into the early afternoon, having bought groceries the night before, we were able to relax, watch a few rom-com’s and take our time. It wasn’t until 4:30 that we began our little tour, starting with the Place de la République, then we moved along to the Porte de Paris, and then this old church, which frankly was kind of ominous. Since it was Easter Sunday, most of the city was closed, so we went back to the apartment and continued to watch movies and most importantly, have great conversations with friends and family back home in Seattle.






Day Two

Though we took our time in the morning, we didn’t start nearly as late as the previous day. We walked around the city some more and after a great lunch of burgers and fries (and ice cream, can’t forget about the ice cream), we walked to through the winding streets to Grande Place, where we saw the old chamber of Commerce, the Lille Opera, and managed to fit in a little bit of shopping too! After indulging in Paris, it was such a nice way to relax in a city while still seeing the sights.





We hopped aboard the train and in about 4 hours were back in Grenoble.



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